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Getting some exercise in Stockholm!

Hey y’all!

With the weather getting better and the days getting brighter, I wanted to discuss how you can get your workouts accomplished in the big city! There are a variety of options available to you, with different levels of pricing depending on your level of commitment and how much time and money you have to spare.

To start off with, you have plenty of gym options for those of you that like working out indoors.


These gyms happen to be a little bit smaller with less of the amenities, but for their great student discount monthly price I think it is a great deal! Because of this, it is a favorite among students at SBS and you will definitely be getting your money’s worth!

Friskis och Svettis

A great mid-price gym with lots of space and options for you to workout! I would place it somewhere in between regarding amenities and from what I’ve heard a very motivating environment!


For those of you who are devoted to the gym or have a little extra money to spend every month, SATS is a great option for you! This gym has all of the amenities and extras you would want from a nice gym, including personal trainer consultations upon joining and online classes!

Lappis Gym (and other student housing gyms)

When you move into student housing, check if your building or campus has a gym! For those living at lapis campus, there is a gym with a cheap membership and frequented by students.

Medley Gym

If you want to be able to get in a quick workout before or after class, then Medley gym is perfect for you since it has a location right on Frescati campus in Frescati Hallen. Great location, good price, and good reviews from my friends who train here.

Frescati Hallen

If sports is what you prefer, then this is the perfect place for you as a student! Frescati Hallen has loads of sports to offer including tennis, basketball, gymnastics, football, volleyball and more! I took tennis classes last semester that were great and gave me the opportunity to meet other people to play tennis with! I would highly recommend it!


With all of the gyms I listed above (except lappis) you have the opportunity to engage yourself in workout classes as well! As a yoga lover myself, I love being able to have a membership that allows me to workout on my own and attend groups classes when I like. I would definitely recommend you check some of them out, especially if you need group motivation or someone to help guide you. Working out is great to clear your mind from some stressful exam studying or to help you get back in your productive flow.

Ofcourse you always have the option of working out outdoors for free… and with the Swedish weather getting better it feels great to be outside soaking up the sun! As my fellow blogger Nina shared a few weeks back, the Swedish nature is definitely something to enjoy! Kayaking or running through Djurgården is a perfect way to spend a free day getting to know Stockholm a little better while getting a sweat on!

I hope you find some workout motivation in this article and get on out there!

Good luck!





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