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Spring Break Fun!


Hey y’all!

Today I wanted to share my recent trip to Amsterdam and also explain how ‘breaks’ or more like ‘a little time off from classes’, works here at Stockholm Business School and Stockholm University in general.

So there are no official breaks during the semester, leaving the only two officials breaks to be summer and winter break. Summer break usually lasts about three months, ending in early June and starting again in early September. Winter break is usually about two and a half weeks depending on your class, with the fall semester continuing into mid-January and perhaps you may have a one or two day break before beginning your spring semester courses.

Now this does not mean that you will have no time off at all during the semester, as the truth is you will have plenty of three-day weekends and sometimes a few days off during the week. You also have the opportunity to create your own spare time depending on what seminar groups you choose throughout the semester and how much work you can get done before wanting to take it easy. You and your friends who study different courses are not guaranteed to have the same days off, so keep this in mind if you want to plan a trip with friends. We usually receive all of our schedules at the start of the semester, so you can use this to plan ahead and let your family know if you can make a quick trip home. 🙂

With the time I had off between lectures last week, I had the opportunity to go to Amsterdam with some friends! We managed to book a flight with KLM from Stockholm to Amsterdam back in February for about 700kr which was a total steal! After passing along this information to a few of my friends, we all took advantage of the opportunity and booked a hostel for four nights right in the city centre near the Red Light District. We would highly recommend staying in the area because it is actually the safest part of the city while also being very close to all of the action and the central train station!


Posing by the canals in the Red Light District


Red tulips!


One of the biggest canals in Amsterdam


In front of the Rijksmuseum


Cactus galore, I wanted them all!

Taking short trips to new countries close to Sweden is very common with students here at SBS, and I guarantee you will always find people to go with you! RyanAir is a great budget airline flying out to many locations for a cheap price, and many students take advantage of it. SAS youth also has a ton of great deals for those under 26 and flies to a decent amount of locations in Europe. There is always the opportunity of taking the train to somewhere new in Sweden, such as the up north to Umeå, or maybe down south to Gothenburg, so you don’t necessarily have to spend a bunch of money to travel and experience something new!

I hope you all are having great semester so far, and if you have any trips planned I hope you have a great time and take lots of pictures! If not, start researching and see where you can travel next! 🙂

Until next time,



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