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Sakura Blossom at Kungsträdgården

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Hey folks,

It has been a long time since my last blog, not because I am too lazy to write everything down, but I don’t think something interesting happened to me lately. Okay, if you think your life is nothing new and repeat the same routine every day like me did, then you need a wonderful outdoor adventure. Why not go to Kungsträdgården to see Sakura blossoming.


The events about Sakura blossom are everywhere on Facebook, especially currently in spring here right now. And there are some knowledge about Sakura.

Sakura also called cherry blossom. “Cherry blossom is speculated to be native to the Himalayas. Currently it is widely distributed, especially in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere including Europe, West Siberia, India, China, Japan, Korea, Canada, and the United States. Along with the chrysanthemum, the cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan.” (From Wikipedia). And sometimes it is easy to confuse that the Sakura has fruits which called cheery, but in fact Sakura cannot produce fruit.

And besides Sakura blossom, there are a lot of other interesting activities there at Kungsträdgården where you can also cosplay, taste sushi.

Do not waste the wonderful spring time, bring your good mood and go to see Sakura Blossom!!!


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