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Food-Waste Week & Lantis!

With this week being Food-Waste Week at the SU, word is being spread around campus by the fabulous people of Symbios to promote a more conscious attitude towards the problem of surplus food and it ending up in places other than mouths!  As a lover of food and a deep down tree-hugger this naturally makes me very sad. For a start, how perfectly good leftovers at home are being thrown away is beyond thought! Often the best part of food is being able to come back to it for round two! However the bigger picture at large is of course what the supermarkets and bigger institutions are doing with their tonnes of produce going straight to pot. On Friday Symbios will end their week of programme outside of Lantis, so in case you need more reason to go have a look at what they have to say, then let me tell you more about Lantis itself. For some time I’ve wanted to enthuse about the tucked away gem. I was late to the scene discovering it and my greatest fear is that there may be others who are still resorting to the usual Prego when on campus for their lunchtime pick-me-up and are not feeling inspired any longer.

For 65kr (using a pre-charged student lunch card, otherwise 85) you get a changing daily main dish (meat, fish or veggie option), with unlimited access to a salad bar (so many things!) and fresh bread/cracker station (with 2 dips! Usually hummus and olive tapenade!)  PLUS unlimited tea and coffee to end! Now if that sentence didn’t blow you away, then really I don’t know what will. As you may be aware I am all pro value for money and of course the sensible option is to pack your lunchbox like the prepared student that you are, but for the days when that doesn’t happen I want to make you rethink how you spend. With Kräftriket being the most frequented campus for me, I’m sure all other business students are familiar with the trusty little Prego opposite the lecture hall that’s there in all times of food/drink doubt. A typical lunch and hot drink would easily cost the same, if not more, than a student-price lunch at Lantis, this is not including aaall the many extras you get there. For those days when all you want to do is eat as much as humanly possible in one lunch sitting and feel proud of you wallet, then your solution is presented – definitely worth the travel over to the main campus (not that it’s that far anyway..!)

I was hoping in my many happy trips to the restaurant that I would be able to take some inspiring and compelling photos to show you all the greatness that it is. Sadly I felt rather silly sticking my phone in between all the people trying to get food on their plates, so there is much left to be seen! Nevertheless, behold:

Bread! (Dips out of sight)


Salad bar!


Tea and coffee!


Wishing you all many happy lunchtimes to come!


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