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Being Vegetarian in Stockholm


I wanted to write this post for all of my veggie lovers out there who may be worried about their restricted options here in Stockholm. Do not worry! Both grocery stores and restaurants are abundant with veggie options here.

First of all, groceries! The cheaper route.

Ofcourse you can always have your typical beans and lentils, etc.  But Stockholm grocery stores are great at carrying vegetarian frozen and refrigerated food such as meat-imitation products, falafel, vegetarian ‘balls’ (a veggie meatball sort of, but only vegetables no fake meat), vegan cheeses, an array of tofus, and even vegan ice creams! For the dry food, I have had no trouble finding different kinds of quinoa and lentils as well as mixed packages with different protein rich grains! They even have pasta made from beans now!

Over the last two years in Stockholm, I have seen a big increase in  ‘alternative’ food every six months I would say. Swedes are all about doing their part for the planet and eating healthy food, so the organic and ‘healthy’ options in the grocery stores around Stockholm have definitely been growing!

Personally, I have found Hemköp (especially the Mörby location, which is close to the university; and also the Stockholm City Location) to be better than ICA or Coop at providing great options, however it really just depends on the size of the grocery store because I have also found some ICAs and Coops to be great. Test them all out and let me know what you think about them.

For those of you who are foodies, you will be happy to hear that Paradiset has opened up a new location in Stockholm City after the success of its first location by Zinkensdam. This grocery store is like a Swedish version of Whole Foods, which makes it great for finding really special products that normal grocery stores don’t have! They also have a food court with different restaurants serving different healthy types of food, as well as a meat and cheese counter that serves already prepared food you can take home for both meat and veggie lovers! I definitely recommend checking it out!


The inside of Paradiset, from

Find your closest location here:

As for when you want to eat out, have no fear!

Most restaurants you will go to always have a vegetarian or vegan option! It has become very common in Stockholm, especially for accommodating vegans.

One of Nina and I’s favorite restaurants is called Hermans. This place is absolute paradise for veggie lovers because it is a vegetarian buffet! But omnivores do not be scared, as I have many non-vegetarian friends who are also in love with this place! It is really great and you definitely get your moneys worth with your student discount. The buffet also rotates every week so check your calendar and see what cuisine it is! I would highly recommend the Asian, Tex-Mex, and Multi-cultural weeks. Who knows, you may even see me there this week…


Some pictures of Hermans, courtesy of

Check out their rotating buffet menu here:

Don’t forget that most Sushi, Indian, Thai, and Mexican places usually offer something for you. There is nothing quite like a spicy Indian vegetarian meal to get your tastebuds going!

As for when you are out late at night partying in the city and need something to eat late at night, I have good news for you!

Max Hamburgers, which is kind of like the Swedish take on McDonald’s but better, has both vegetarian AND vegan burgers. Granted, McDonald’s and Burger King also have vegetarian burgers – however, Max always beats them with quality and taste and you will learn to love this fast food restaurant when you live in Sweden.

I have to say, after getting very excited about Max releasing their new more veggie-friendly menu in the Spring, my friend Emma and I have tried them all and narrowed down our two favourites to the Mexican Veggie Burger and Vegan Pulled Pork Burger. Try them yourself!


Crispy Mexican Burger, photography courtesy of

Check out their menu here:

I hope this inspired all of you to try some new places and food, if any of you need more specific advice do not hesitate to ask! I can’t wait to share my IBS Week experience with you all next week, so stay tuned!

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