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I have a confession.

It is that time of the year again.
Eurovision is back!

It unlikely that you have missed how the city has transformed to welcome the most hardcore fans that travelled across Europe to support their countries. Oh, excuse me, I forgot that Australia is also also participating in Eurovision this year.

I can’t say that I am particularly interested in the competition, but something has come across me.. I don’t know if it is my Swedishness that is overpowering my otherwise neutral attute toward Eurovision, or the fact that the entire city is finally alive and events take place every single day. I cannot even deny the fact that I am feeling particularly patriotic and get extremely excited whenever I see a Russian flag or Russian tourists in the city (And I normally dispise those. Not the flag, the tourists). And yes, I voted for Russia during the semi-finals yesterday.

Having said that, here comes my confession.

I am looking forward to watching the Eurovision Finals this Saturday. There, I said it.

You may love it or you may hate it, but you absolutely cannot hate the Stockholm vibe these days. It is alive, it is breathing and it is looking fabulous!

To honour my tradition of writing lists, here is a list of three Eurovision-related things you should not miss in the city!

  1. City Skyliner

photo source:

One of the best views of central Stockholm is yours for 100 kr. Go to Kungsträdgården, queue a little bit and prepare to be amazed. My plan is to wait until Eurovision is over and most of the tourists have left the city to enjoy a queue-free experience.

2. Brunkebergstunneln

The tunnel between Östermalm and Hötorget has become a singing tunnel! That’s how it is explained in the official press release:

The Singing tunnel recognizes the tone you sing and then returns the sound with a similar voice. When you sing a few notes, an additional voice enters, singing back notes that have been sung before. The visitor and the tunnel sing in two voices.

It’s really hard to explain the experience with words, so go check it out! I was honestly standing there for 10 minutes completely mesmerized.

3. Musical crosswalks

This has got to be my favourite thing of all. When the traffic light is red, it plays Loreen’s song “Euphoria”. When the light is green, you hear “Heroes” by last year’s winner Måns Zelmerlöw. Isn’t it genious????

Hope you are enjoying May and don’t forget to allow yourself take short breaks between those assignments!




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