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Never see your corridor mates? Walk into the kitchen and start a conversation

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Hey all,

It has been a long time since my last blog. How is it going? I gonna tell you all my typical corridor life this time.

The most amazing and interesting part of being a student here in Sweden is corridor life. You can meet new neighbor from all over the world. You share the culture, food, story or even private secrets, the more new friends I know, the better I understand about the world and people: there not exist right or wrong, there only has difference.

I have moved in current corridor for around 4 months and previously I was living in another corridor. And the atmosphere of the two are quite different. The neighbors there were almost international students and of course we held a lot of activities, we had a tradition there: we organized an international dinner every Sunday. Every one cook different food from their own countries and share together. When we meet at the kitchen, we can chat for hours and even we clean up the corridor divided into groups instead of individually. I spent most of wonderful time with them at my first semester. Of course, we celebrated Christmas and watched fireworks in New Year’s Eve. And the second corridor which I am living currently has another type, because 7 out of 10 people are Swedes, they are not that outgoing at first time, and Swedish girls and boys are quite different on this aspect, the girls seems like more willing to talk and the boys might talk to you after drinking alcohol ( you guys can try, maybe it’s true). However, the longer you stay, the more you know about the local and they are all amazing neighbors although sometimes you need to speak first!!!We all together ate at Chinese Restaurant, had corridor party, and made Swedish Dancing Workshop in the kitchen…

Sometimes, the strange ideas come out in my mind: how many difference between them from different backgrounds and different cultures. Do they really feel the same when they feel happy or pain? Are they could be motivated and impressed by the same motto and the same view?

Do you have the answers now?


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