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When The Semester Comes to End

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.” —-Miriam Adeney

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(photo by Monika)

I would like to write down this blog as a personal experience instead of living tips as a student in Stockholm, though most of blogs belong to the latter.

This picture is the farewell dinner for some ambees, I have spent most of my amazing time with them during last year. Not only for organizing activities, but also for hanging out, chatting as good friends!

One year always seems so fast that we even do not have time to think about what actually happened during the academic year until when realized that it is the time to say goodbye to our friends.

“What have you gained during the year when you stay in Sweden?” Adriana asked. Everyone started to think about and then it was a long long silence. There were lots of unforgettable moments happened during the year and the valuable things that we even cannot counted, friendship, team work, good memories…And for me, I have learned so much from them and the deeper we know each other the more I know the truth: there is no right or wrong, only difference. And I am pretty sure that most of us would never forget the chill seawater near Albano, the small picnic under cheery tree on campus, the stereotypes of countries, the secret book and of course, ambees’ dinner.

Sometimes, living in the moment only means you just need to feel those moments by hearts. And maybe because I am also such a person who do not get used to express the feeling and especially write them down. However, it does not matter whether you will come to Stockholm next semester or you have already studied here for a while. Open your heart and make good friends, when you look back someday, you will also have a story box, and when someone asks you what have you gained, what in your mind is every single moment that you have experienced and you could not speak them out immediately.





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