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Hello & Looking Back on The Year

I’ve been absent for some time from the blogosphere! So instead I’ll be doing some summer-edition posting while I work out whether to do a runner or to stay the summer! It’s that time of the year where everyone is going back home, their exchanges are up and the hot time of the month is here, so basically that’s code for – say your goodbyes and get on holiday!

Anyway it’s been an interesting first year at university to say the least. Whilst the exchange friends I’ve made for the year all leave for good, it’s sad obviously that they’re actually going but strangely nice too. It’s like the more people you get to know from many different countries, wherever you go in the world you know there’ll always be a friend (aww) and so the world starts to feel a little less big! It almost feels like the game’s over once you know someone from everywhere… although that would be a lot of countries…

What’s been crazy for me however, looking back, is not just all the obvious things like making fab friends, doing fun stuff and eating kanelbullar at any given opportunity but rather the new sense of self that’s developed over the year. I suppose that’s what’s been the most challenging. University anywhere, I presume, would have that effect on anybody who’s just starting out in life and on that, starting out in a country different to where you’ve grown up! I did a post a while back on homesickness where this leaflet describes an up-down cycle of missing home. However I feel now that much better describes the journey into being adult. First semester was undoubtedly the excited phase of getting to know many new humans and going out at any given opportunity, but the second semester I guess is like what it’s like to be married after a while and the niggles start to surface…!

Especially having moved to Lappis, which is basically the most peaceful place I think I will ever live – right in the middle of all that forest – there’s been much time for thinking out here! There is a definite unmistakable air of calm that envelopes Sweden as a whole, I totally believe it’s the effect of the mystical northern lights and much greenery everywhere. That combined with the ever graceful and polite swedes, it feels like a rather charming stay I’ve been having so far and all of this has been a total catalyst in facilitating some self-realising you wouldn’t otherwise get being in total craziness and busy living.

So whilst I sit watching a Stockholm summer unfold, figuring out my summer, I say goodbye to all who are off and think ahead to the coming, new academic year!

Just some people waving goodbye


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