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Hey all,

After one year study at Stockholm Business School at Stockholm University , I want to share my experience with you guys if you start to come to SBS to study in the next semester or in the near future. Here is the link of all of the master programme you can find on the website. All of them are taught in English.

For the first three semesters, all students are mainly attend classes and in the last semester, all students write their essays. And at the third semester, all of students have the opportunity to study aboard for one semester. Basically, at the first semester, there will have some basic courses for those who has not strong foundation of business. For my programme, Banking and Finance, we had the course Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance, which were taken by both undergraduate and graduate. And we also have almost half of the course are collaborated with Department of Economics, thus we attend a lot of courses with economic students.

There are more useful information for those you will come to study at SBS. About the courses and how will do for the first few days when you come here.







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