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A Typical Vegan Day in Stockholm


Study in Sweden means you will have a lot of opportunities to lead a vegan or vegetarian life. In Sweden more and more people start to lead a vegan life, because they have realised that the life style is more important for protecting animals and environment, the other reason is that poultries like chicken are treated by hormonal drugs that could bad for human.

There are lots of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm and there is one that i can recommend you if you are coming to study here.

I went to there with my friends yesterday after a wonderful sightseeing view. You can take subway from Universitetet to Slussen and walk for 10 mins. Always you need to take a long line since there are long of people waiting for the food. And for students, you have a discount, but now you need to buy a beverage to get the discount. There also have places that you can choice to sit, both inside snd outside. However, i recommend you sit outside because of you can have very amazing view of the city. The sea gulls, the blue sky and the endless sea…

And the way to the restaurant Hermans is also wonderful short trip, you can see the great views of the city as well.

Enjoy your day in Stockholm and try a nice day to become Vegan.




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