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Midsummer in Sweden

swedish-midsummer.jpgMidsummer is quite a big traditional festival in Sweden. It is on Friday between 19 and 25 of June. At midsummer many people usually get five weeks summer holiday, and the midsummer Eve or the day before midsummer  is usually celebrated grandly in countryside. There are some traditions of midsummer.

Maypoles and dancing

When midsummer comes, many swedes take the advantage of celebrating it. Many family gather together and during the day, the maypole is raised and people follow the frog dancing, and teenagers tend to stay out and wait for other entertainment.

Herring and potato

“A typical Midsummer menu features different kinds of pickled herring, boiled new potatoes with fresh dill, soured cream and chives. This is often followed by a grilled dish of some kind, such as spare rib or salmon, and for dessert the first strawberries of summer, with cream.

The traditional accompaniment is a cold beer and schnapps, preferably spiced. Every time the glasses are refilled, singing breaks out anew. Swedes like drinking songs, and the racier the better.

Midsummer is an occasion invested with a certain nostalgia. Deep inside, Swedes are all agreed on what it should look like and how it should proceed. So after dinner, many people still want to go out dancing, just like in the old days. Preferably on an outdoor dance floor beside a lake as the evening mist settles and the sound of the orchestra echoes back from the rocky hills on the opposite shore.”  Midsummer

Love story of Midsummer

There is a legend says if you collect 7 different flowers and put them below your pillow, you will dream about your true love. Of course, you do not dream your true love, then you probably pick the wrong flowers.




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