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Accommodation in Stockholm?!

Hello everyone!
(especially those who are still reading this blog although it’s a middle of a summer)

It’s been a month since my last post. Apologies for that.

During that month I have had a unique opportunity to spend three days at a Google office in Wroclaw (Poland). But more about it some other time.

It is less than a month until the semester officially starts, so I want to devote my future posts to students starting their first semester at SBS – no matter if you are an exchange student, here for an entire programme or simply call yourself a student, I hope it will somehow will prove useful to you.

How to find accommodation.

Where to look? What areas? How much is too expensive? I am sure that you have received some general information from your international coordinators or the university itself on how to find a room or an apartment in Stockholm. Let’s make it clear: it is HARD. It is very hard to find a place but it’s not impossible.

My best and only tip today is to join groups on Facebook because a lot of students leave for an exchange semester/year and it is highly likely you will find a room/apartment in one of the student buildings in the city. So, go ahead and become member of the following groups:

I was feeling very ambitious when writing this post and pinned the buildings on the map, so you get a rough idea on where they are situated. I only chose to include the ones in the city or very close to it, but there are a lot of lovely areas outside of Stockholm.

Find the map here -> the map.

Hope you will find a place soon and if you already have – congrats!

Until next time,


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