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Call a Swede, update


Remember I wrote about a campaign Call a Swede a while back? I thought I’d give you a little update on how Swedes have been answering their phone and how successful this tourism campaign has proven to be.


(source: Adweek)

Mind that the campaign was launched on the 6th of April so 128392 incoming calls in less than a month is, to say the least, very impressive.

So impressive that it won Direct Grand Prix and Cannes Lion this year (proof).

“At the end of the day, we’re people talking to people. And it’s really refreshing to see an idea and a campaign that unites 9.5 million brand ambassadors with the world through the most direct form of communication—which is speaking, talking.” –  Mark Tutssel, Direct jury president

I didn’t register as a Swede nor did I try calling the Swedish number, but someone else did:

Pewdiepie has also called a random Swede, but I will let you find the video on your own 🙂

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