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This Summer, in Summary

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately this will be my last blog post, however I wanted to write a summary of how my summer went and to say goodbye.

These past three months have flown by! Interning, Alex visiting from Sweden, hanging out with my high school friends, and seeing all of my Texan family has been a blast!


Posing at the Fort Worth Stockyards


Alex debating buying cowboy boots for Sweden

If you read my previous blog post, you will know that I spent my summer interning for Ericsson in Plano, TX, USA at their North American headquarters.

I had an amazing time interning and I want to share why.

1. My Boss

I feel so lucky to have been able to have a great first boss. I was made to feel comfortable from day one and settling into the workplace was natural and easy. Chris and Tiffany always made sure to sit down and talk to me to explain what they expected from me. Having a boss that is very motivating and friendly motivated me to work harder and want to learn more!

2. My Coworkers

It is absolutely crazy, but I liked 99% of the people I met at Ericsson. Everyone was so nice and friendly that it was very enjoyable to work there and make friends. I loved the diversity and the fact that you could meet someone from every single continent. The team that I worked with on a daily basis were way too funny and we always had something to joke about. It was great experience to see how everyone handled when escalations would arise and to see all the different functions of a team.

3. Great Weather

It’s Texas. It’s sunny. It’s hot, not just warm. And it was a great change of pace from the Swedish weather (although I am a bit bummed I missed the Swedish summer).

I spent a lot of days this summer hanging out by the pool or outside in general. The Ericsson campus was great for walking around! In between the buildings you can walk over a bridge across the water where the pond is filled with turtles and trees surround the shoreline. It was very picturesque!

4. Challenging Projects

I had the opportunity to work on a summer internship project that was separate from my main position. All of the interns across the USA and Canada participate in separate projects, which means I worked with a group of people spread out across the region. This was great for learning about global team working and project management!


Advertising for votes! No shame.


Our project was focused on innovation within Ericsson. We spent almost two months researching, interviewing, filming, and writing to form our final video, presentation, and report. Working with the other interns was a blast and it was great to make connections with people working at other locations.

5. Volunteering

One of my favourite parts of this summer was volunteering with the other interns at a food pantry. It was very humbling and eye opening to learn about the hunger facing our local community. The great thing with Ericsson is that all employees have one paid day a year to spend volunteering at a place of their choice, an opportunity most employees seize.


Inside the food pantry storage, where I worked for the day.


All in all, I had a blast interning this summer. I always looked forward to coming in every morning and I could not have had a better experience. I highly encourage you to intern over the summer as it is so rewarding and you learn so many things!

It has been great blogging for all of you the past few months and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I am back in the beautiful city of Stockholm for one week before heading off to Manchester this weekend. Unfortunately I cannot continue as I am studying abroad this semester but I hope everyone has a great autumn!

See you around and thanks for reading,



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