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New accomodations + Ranking

Good news about accommodations. SSCO started to build a new student house campus near our School – Albano, which will look like this – you can see our campus there on the right.

I hope this well help many students in the upcoming years to find a place to stay. However I don’t know when will this be ready. More info (in Swedish).


Ranking after Ranking we can see the School improving their places. It is definitely a goal from the board to meet the fierce competition around Europe. Rankings are not everything, but help when choosing a place and when one studies here. Second Best Business School in Sweden and Best Marketing program in the country (26th in Europe) are good indicators of the work that is being done so far. I hope the School continues to improve their standards and have an increasingly outstanding institution in Europe.


Leo: Sport + Daily Life


I know Theresa already wrote about her experience concerning sports here. There are many options it is true, and it looks like everyone enjoys practicing sport all year around. I feel good, because there are many alternatives for it. Coming from Portugal, fortunately or unfortunately, “obliges” me to love to play football. So, when I came here I decided I needed to find a team to play Futsal (indoor football). After talking with some colleagues at school, I heard about the university’s league where our School of Business has a team. I talked with the captain of the team and I had my opportunity to practice Futsal here in Sweden. The sport is not very popular, so I would say I was quite lucky to find this option. In the first semester, even the rules were different from “real” futsal. Fortunately, that was already correct this semester 🙂

Here is a picture of our winning team:

Anyway, there are many gyms, and where I live (Lappis) has their own from this residential neighborhood. Good price, not so crowded, perfect for me!

About another topic, weather! Sweden Spring is trying to show up, we are having positive degrees in the past days and the snow is melting. The birds sing and some green areas start to appear. It is nice! The days are longer that is very motivating!

Now, I will pack for a holiday weekend, and then back to school to work!

Leo: Tech MKT

Hej hej

Two weeks ago I had a very intense week with lectures from 9h to 16h30 with an hour for lunch. This was due to a course, Technological Marketing, which was lectured by the well known Professor Jakki Mohr. This year we had for the first year the possibility to have a course specialized in High Tech Marketing which gave us the possibility to see the differences between “normal” mkt and the high tech version of it. Slight differences that can have relevant consequences. Hopefully, the partnership with this excellent professor will continue for the following year and this is definitely a course I recommend to take by any Master student. The course book Marketing of High Technology Products and Innovations, co-authored by our teacher gives insightful information about this area, plus proposes a toolbox filled with tactics, diagrams and other tools that can be very useful for problem solving situations. So far we had an intensive week of lectures and a Google Lecture with a Product Manager Skyped “Googled live” directly from California, where we had the opportunity to know how Google markets their products.

It is very pleasant to have these opportunities to learn with professors with different backgrounds. Having the opportunity to see in loco different teaching methods, from all over the world, is a very good way to have different views of the same topic.


P.S. The days are getting longer 🙂


Leo: Housing

Hej, hej

I’ll talk today about the my experience with housing. That was definitely my biggest challenge when moving to Stockholm. It was really hard to find a place to stay, so if you are thinking about moving to STH be aware of this fact. There is not a lot of offer in the city to stay, the rents are very high and the landlords are not very interested in renting to individuals, specially students. This is a consequence of a very static housing market in the center which “obliges” people to live in the suburban areas. There is no problem with it, they all have great conditions, good connections to everywhere and usually better prices (rent, supermarket, etc). However if you are dreaming with a Stockholm downtown flat, prepare yourself for a very very hard time. Basically it is not just about money, you also have to be very lucky. Students in Stockholm have an organization that manages students flats/dorms/studios in student campuses located in several places of the city. It is called SSSB and I would recommend you to register beforehand. It runs in a similar system of auctions, where there are flats being offered and according to the number of days (points) you are registered you can apply. The person with highest number gets the place. However, this is really hard since many people stay more than a year to get a place. Another possibility is to wait for Last Minute offers which appear in the same place and works in a first come first served basis, independently of your days registered.
Anyway, fortunately I got one of these Last Minute offers and I am at the moment in a very famous student campus Lappis, located next to the main campus of Stockholm University. I am close to everything, and my rent is not high. Whatsoever, I am very very glad that I got a place (it took me 2.5 weeks).
I should warn you not to send any money before you see a place and trust the person. I passed through different schemes , that asked me to pay in advance because they weren’t at the moment in the city etc etc etc I was always very cautious so I never fell, but beware.

Anyway this is maybe the biggest challenge you will face in Stockholm, but as people say it is part of the adventure!

Leo: Back to work

After Christmas and New Year’s Eve, 2012 starts as it 2011 ended with a lot of work. I have to finish still an essay and a group project so I can start to focus in the Spring Term. I spent a great holiday week in my home country and know I have my batteries fully charged for some hard work here!

This year we are lucky to have the first course of Chinese offered for Non-Swedish speakers by the Confucius Institute. It is going to be a great opportunity to learn a new language, but most importantly (as one of our teachers said) to learn a new philosophy! I had the opportunity to read the details for this course and it will be very demanding. I expect a lot of work for it.

An interesting aspect prospective students might find useful is that besides the program compulsory courses there are many other courses that students can enroll if they are interested. Obviously it means more work and no one will feel pity for you if you choose having an extra load of work. However, it can be very interesting and challenging if you find something fitted for you.

Next time I post, I will write about my experience trying to find a place to live in Stockholm which, if you don’t know still, is like Hell. Very difficult, maybe the biggest problem of the city.

Have a good kick-off on  2012!

Leo: 4 days to Christmas :-)

I am writing this post from the Frankfurt Airport on my way to Portugal to celebrate Christmas with my family. Many students, specially the Europeans are doing the same, however future students should be aware of the risk of booking a flight on these days because it can implicate missing lectures or seminars. I booked my flight few months ago, and although the schedule was changed (this can happen) I had to miss a seminar and receive extra work. This is very common in Sweden, if you a miss a seminar you will most likely have to write an extra paper. Lectures so far weren’t compulsory, butI strongly recommend them. Future master students have to know how to manage their time and even their schedule, so these will be the challenges that who ever is accepted next year will have to face.

Next week I will be back to Sweden, to celebrate New Years’ Eve. I am really looking forward for that. I am interested to see what will happen and definitely I will share here that experience.

I left Stockholm after the first days of snow, hopefully it will continue to snow when I return. But for now I will enjoy 15º Sunny Porto 🙂


Feliz Natal!


Leo: Entrepreneurship + Nobel


I am writing today about Entrepreneurship. Stockholm is definitely one of the hottest spots to create businesses. This is clear with the amount of companies that were recently created here, SoundCloud and Spotify are good examples of it. The Stockholm University is well prepared to support business and social business ideas but most importantly is the fact that it is one of the members of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. This school has many courses, that can be part of your curriculum, workshops, competitions and events (one of which Elena already talked about). This city is a great opportunity to open your business horizons and why not start here your entrepreneurial career 😉

This week we are having Nobel lectures with the laureates in the Stockholm University. This is a great opportunity to see in loco the great minds that are making the difference in their field of studies. Yesterday we had Thomas J. Sargent and Cristopher A. Sims which had an insightful speech. I personally prefer Macroeconomics to Statistics so I quite enjoyed more the first speaker but obviously they are both tremendously important in this world. You can also try your luck to be part of the Nobel Banquet, however it is quite complicated to have a spot. However you can still apply to participate in the organization since they are always looking for volunteers.

Anyway, this is another great option if you come to study in our School, and to remember that our professors can also vote for the election of the Nobel laureates, so who knows if we are not attending to one of the courses of a future laureate!