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Origin: Romania
Age: 24
Studies: Master’s programme in Consumer and Business Marketing
Why I applied to SBS: It offers complex graduate programmes, with a strong focus on multidisciplinarity.
Best thing about my studies: All the great people coming from so many countries and cultures – it never gets boring! I also enjoy the interactive courses and Stockholm, it’s a beautiful city!
Advice to students considering SBS: Be prepared for some highly theoretical courses that will challenge your critical thinking; there is always a lot to read and to write, so time management becomes a key issue; the focus is on individual study and making your own contributions, so don’t shy away from expressing yourself (in class or in writing assignments)
About me: I got my BA from the University of Bucharest, with a major in American Cultural Studies and a minor in Swedish Language and Culture. Generally I am very interested in pop culture, consumer behaviour and foreign languages. I absolutely love travelling and discovering new cultures, if I could do that all year round, I would be the happiest person alive!


9 thoughts on “Adelina

  1. Buna Adelina,
    Numele meu este Liliana si as vrea sa iti pun cateva intrebari in legatura cu admiterea in cadrul programului de master in care esti inscrisa in Suedia. As vrea sa imi depun si eu dosarul si sunt usor nelamurita cu anumite chestii. Ma poti ajuta?
    Multumesc frumos.

  2. Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry for posting in Romanian, but I thought I was sending a private message. I previously studied the information provided on the site you mentioned and I still have a couple of questions. The most important is that if I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages (Applied Modern Languages) English and French, do I still need to provide proof of English language skills?
    Thank you in advance for your help and have a great weekend.

  3. Hi there,
    The fact that you studied in English in college should be proof enough (I was in the same situation, but I also had the Cambridge exam, so that was my certification). I really don’t want to mislead you, so you really should ask the study counselors

  4. Hey, Adelina, can you tell me how much time do you spend in the university per week? I would like to go for the program of Consumer and Business marketing as well and I would like to work in my spare time. Do you think this is possible? Thank you for your response in advance.

  5. Hi Martin,
    Usually, we only have a couple of lectures per week (or lecture+seminar) and that is when we only take one course per period. when we take two courses per period, then it’s a bit busier. you might have to go to school at least three times per week. lectures are usually not compulsory, but I do suggest you go anyways. apart from that, you have a lot of readings to do by yourself, and how much time that would take of course depends on you and on your time management skills. in my case, it takes two more days more or less to go through all the literature for that week. sometimes you can even have all your evenings booked with these readings…especially when you have to prepare for an exam.
    personally I do not work, but I know people that do, either part time or full time and I can say that they manage quite well, although sometimes it does get pretty rough with no free time to spare, but it’s all up to you and how you prioritize.
    all in all, I guess it becomes clearer whether you can manage with a job on top of your studies after the first month or so…after you get used to the amount of readings and requirements for the course.
    good luck with your application!

  6. Nice experiences to get in touch with other countries!

  7. Hello Adelina!
    I was accepted for Master program in Consumer and Business marketing.
    I have two following questions:
    1. Which district is better for living?
    2. In which campus am I going to spend most of the time as a business student?

    If you could contact and help me personally, would be great.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hello Adelina
    I am considering to apply for Master Programme in Consumer and Business Marketing but i do not have a gmat score. Did you have a gmat score when you were applying. Is ıt compulsory for this programme ?Can t i be selected without gmat?
    Thank you for your help and best wishes .

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