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Life as a student at Stockholm Business School


CarolinaOrigin: Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 25
Studies: Master’s programme in Consumer and Business Marketing
Best thing about my studies: The student-life! Dozens of  clubs & associations. Everything from running the board of a real company, sports clubs, student orchestras, and many student pubs full of people to mingle with several times a week.   
Advice to students considering SBS:
Studies at the School are highly theoretical which includes a lot of reading and writing academic texts and frequent seminar discussions where you have to think critically and work with your peers. As long as you plan your time a bit and are prepared you will do fine. Enjoy your years here to the fullest getting to know highly motivated people from all over the world and don’t miss the welcoming  activities for new students! It’s a great way to meet new people.
About me: I did my undergrad in business at SBS and since I liked it here I decided to stay here for my masters. I like being involved in student clubs, I’ve worked with Föreningen Ekonomerna (The Business Student Association) for several years mainly with international relations, organizing events with the Graduate Student Council or trying real live corporate consultant cases for several weeks through Marknadsakademien. Between semesters I love to travel, in preschool I decided that I would travel to all continents before 25 and I made it 🙂 (Unless you count Antarctica, but I’ll get there someday). Through SUSB I’ve also had the opportunity to study abroad twice, in France for my bachelor and Hong Kong during my master, both where experiences of a lifetime.


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