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Origin: Russia
Age: 22
Studies: Master’s programme in Consumer and Business Marketing
Why I applied to SBS: I felt that the next logical step in my marketing career and in becoming well-educated specialist in particular will be to get the best possible theoretical background, refine my perspective and broaden my horizons and Stockholm Business School was the best place to meet my requirements.
The best thing about my studies: International and intensively developing academic environment that represents both traditional and alternative scientific concepts.
Some advice to students considering SBS: Get ready that the most part of work you will have to do by yourself, learn to manage your time and priorities properly.
About me: I did my Bachelor in Regional Studies of Northern Europe in Saint-Petersburg and I already have several years working experience in both non-profit and business spheres. I love living in Stockholm and I try to learn from Swedes to have balance between work and personal life, be relaxed and friendly but in the same time effective and professional.

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3 thoughts on “Elena

  1. Hi Elena…i would like some general info about SUSB and life in Stockholm.I have been admitted to SUSB for a master in Finance and Banking and I need someone to talk about it and this is the only site with SUSB students I could find.My email is in case you have some time and feel free to chat…thanks and sorry for bothering you

  2. Hello(привет) Elena!
    I was accepted for Master program in Consumer and Business marketing.
    I have two following questions:
    1. Which district is better for living?
    2. In which campus am I going to spend most of the time as a business student?

    If you could contact and help me personally, would be great.( I am from Ukraine)
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Elena! Could you recoomend some bookstores with businessbooks? thank you. Elena from StP

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