The SBS Student Blog

Life as a student at Stockholm Business School


EleonoraOrigin: Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 25
Studies: Master’s programme in Consumer and Business Marketing
Best thing about my studies: The best thing about my studies is all the engaged people with common interests, that at the same time are so diverse!
Advice to students considering SBS: Make sure to plan you reading, writing and discussions carefully. Then, enjoy your classmates, enjoy the subject you are studying and be prepared to never be bored and to have few quiet moments!
About me: I grew up on a farm, with a lot of horses, 30min north of Stockholm. I’ve always loved nature, painting and photographing. Maybe that’s why I studied science in combination with art in high school. After that I’ve traveled the world (which I will never stop doing), studied a bachelor’s programme in Professional Experience Production in Piteå (12hours north of Stockholm), started my own business as a consultant and worked for the Federation of Swedish Farmers with the goal to make people understand that we can’t survive without farmer’s food and renewable energy. And now I’m here at SU, with a wish that I one day can support sustainable companies with my skills in marketing, and to contribute to a better world.


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