The SBS Student Blog

Life as a student at Stockholm Business School


Origin: Canada
Age: 23
Master’s programme in Consumer & Business Marketing
Why I applied to SBS: After already spending a year and a half in Stockholm as an exchange student, and then working at the student union as an international coordinator, I knew being in Stockholm was the place for me. I wanted to receive an education abroad and Stockholm Business School was the perfect school to continue my interests in the marketing and business world. I already knew that living in Stockholm had been a great experience, and I knew taking my Masters in the capital of Scandinavia would bring me future opportunities once I complete my degree.
Best thing about my studies: Being a part of such an international group. The students in the program are not only from all over the world, but have also lived abroad before taking this program. The program also includes students from Sweden which gives it an international and local flavour at the same time.
Advice to students considering Stockholm Business School: If trying something new, studying abroad and being introduced to new cultures is something you want out of your degree, I would suggest applying for SBS.


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