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ErinOrigin: Canadian
Age: 24
Studies: Master of Consumer and Business Marketing
Why I applied to SBS: I applied to Stockholm Business School because it has an excellent reputation in Sweden. I have been travelling to Stockholm since I was a teenager and knew I wanted to study here, Stockholm University was an excellent fit, and the program was very specific to my interest in marketing.

Best thing about my studies: The people I am meeting in my program are definitely the best part of studying so far. I have been in Stockholm for 1 month now, and already I have made some great friends with similar professional and personal interests. The program encourages group work and collaboration, which gives a great opportunity to develop lasting friendships and networking opportunities.

Advice to students considering SBS: Go for it! SBS is a very international faculty. You will gain interesting and valuable new perspectives from your classmates. As an international student, the teaching method is a little different from what I am used to. Generally, you study one course at a time for an intensive 4 – 5 week period. The coursework is very manageable but requires personal discipline and good time management skills.

About me: I am a 24 year old Canadian currently living and studying in Stockholm. I enjoy horseback riding, exploring, travelling, cooking and spending time with friends and family. I am in my first year of the Masters program at Stockholm Business School and am enjoying the coursework, student groups and participating in Business School events.

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