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Life as a student at Stockholm Business School


KlaraOrigin: Austria
Age: 24
Studies: Strategic Management at University of Innsbruck, exchange at SBS.
Why I applied to SBS: From the heart of the Alps to the heart of Scandinivia: Stockholm Business School – fueled by a vibrant and motivating study atmosphere in the middle of a national park next to one of the most beautiful and charming cities in Europe: the place to be.

Best thing about my studies: The opportunity to get to know new cultures, people and habits, not just from Sweden, but from all over the world. Widening your knowledge and mindset, not only in terms of the University, but for life.

Advice to students considering SBS: Be aware of entering a highly motivated student atmosphere! Be prepared and break out of your mainstream thoughts – you get taught a solid theoretical knowledge but YOUR innovativeness and creativity are the topping of your studies here!

About me: As a passionate globetrotter, book-lover and strategic dreamer I already focused on languages and marketing during my high school studies. Before starting university I worked, lived and travelled through parts of Australia, Africa and Europe – which was an amazing time. I did my Bachelor Studies at the MCI in Innsbruck and spent one semester at the University of Reyjavik in Iceland, which was already an incredible experience. Now I do my master programme at the University of Innsbruck and I am really lucky to spend another semester abroad in one of my favorite cities: Stockholm. I am glad to get the chance to study in this Scandinavian university and I am looking forward to what time will be bringing along.


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