The SBS Student Blog

Life as a student at Stockholm Business School


MeriOrigin: Finland
Age: 20
Studies: Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration and Political Science.
Why I applied to SBS: I found a study programme at SBS that combines the study of business with political science. I am really interested in both fields of study so I thought the programme was a perfect fit for me. In addition, Stockholm seemed like a very cool city to live in so the thought of moving here didn’t hurt either.

Best thing about my studies: I love how international our programme is. There are people from all over the world here. It is really interesting and instructive to have the opportunity to meet, work and discuss with so many different nationalities.

Advice to students considering SBS: If you’re looking for an inspiring and international study environment and want to get to know one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in Northern Europe at the same time, Stockholm Business School is definitely a good choice for you!

About me: After graduating from high school I took a gap year which I spent working as an au pair and studying languages in Germany. Living abroad was a great experience and I really wanted to do it again so I ended applying to schools in Sweden. I’m really glad I did, so far it has been great! This is my first year at university and everything is still very new and exciting for me and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can and make the most of living in this beautiful city.


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