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Life as a student at Stockholm Business School


Frank PaulOrigin: Dutch
Age: 21
Studies: MSc. Accounting, Auditing and Analysis
Why I applied to SBS:  After my exchange semester in France I had the urge to leave my home country and to study abroad. I already knew what I wanted to study (accounting) and I made my choice based on comparing different programs. What I really like about SBS are the many nationalities walking around on campus and the relatively small class rooms!

Best thing about my studies: I also applied to SBS because of my study program. It is really cool that we are given the opportunity to study abroad for one semester and to do a thesis internship. Also, my second semester takes place in Uppsala due to the collaboration between the two universities!

Advice to students considering SBS: The decision for business school is hard, but also personal. In order to make a well-educated choice, look good at the different programs and the courses offered and is this what you’re looking for? Keep in mind that SBS does not have these big class rooms with hundreds of students, hence it can be felt as a more personal approach and more interaction. Besides, SBS is very innovative and continuously tries to improve the different programs (they launched the new MSc. in Operations Management and Control this year for example). Last but not least, the campus is adorable!

About me: Last year I finished my undergraduate in International Business Administration at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. During my Bachelor’s degree I went several times to France, for internships and exchange. At the end of my exchange I achieved my goal that I set in the beginning: speaking French fluently. So you could say that I’m a goal-oriented guy 🙂 . In my free time, I like to be active in different study/student associations, to travel and to do sports as running and fitness.



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