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Life as a student at Stockholm Business School


Origin: Canada
Age: 27
Studies: Master’s programme in Consumer and Business Marketing
Why I applied to the SBS I placed emphasis on programmes at schools that would afford me the opportunity of a work term, as an option, in fulfilling the degree requirements. (The fact I’d be living in Stockholm didn’t hurt either!)
The best thing about my studies: Our programme is incredibly
lucky to have such a diverse group both in regards to nationalities and
academic/professional background.
About me: After completing my undergrad in English Literature at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, I relocated to Seoul for almost four years, where I was a teacher, worked for one of South Korea’s largest educational publishing companies as a research coordinator, did some incredible work with NGOs and capped off my time with an internship at the Canadian Embassy.  I also benefitted from extensive travel opportunities to other Asian countries, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East; I can credit a combination of my work and travel experiences for inspiring me to pursue a degree at Stockholm University.

I look forward to blogging about, and sharing with everyone, my life both as an expat in Stockholm and as a student at Stockholm University.


One thought on “Ted

  1. Hi Ted, i red your little experience on university and was impressed . Moreover, before now i have interest to finish my undergrad in your university but i would like to know the process of transfer and of-course the available sources of income as a student, thanks.

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