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Origin: Germany
Age: 23
Studies: Master’s programme in Management Studies
Why I applied to SBS: The program offered all I was searching for: business focus, open to applicants without a Bachelor in business administration, English study language. And living and studying in Stockholm sounded tempting as well…
The best thing about my studies: There are only 29 other students in my course, and besides the small size I also enjoy the great diversity in the group.
Some advice to students considering SBS: Be aware that the programme is research based and focuses on analytical thinking. If you enjoy reading, writing and discussing, you will like it here!
About me: Originally I am from Germany but I have also lived in Singapore, Austria and Canada and wish to continue this journey to a few other countries in the future. Before coming here I studied Corporate Communications at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna. After one year of internships I am now looking forward to two years of studying Management Studies and hopefully finding out what I want to do afterwards. I love travelling, get inspired by modern art and could die for Asian food.
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5 thoughts on “Theresa

  1. Hi Theresa, do you think It was very hard to be admitted in this Programm? Im thinking on applying in this programm. How was your experience?

  2. Hi Nick,
    I unfortunately do not know how “hard” the admittion process is. The only feedback I got was “You are accepted”. There are around 50 spots per year but I do not know how many people actually apply. Since you anyway cannot influence the “competition”, my strategy was to make my application as good as possible. It was really time-consuming to get in contact with former professors, take the TOEFL, write motivation letters and to collect all the relevant documents. Fortunately, in the end all the effort paid off. I wish you all the best for your application! Cheers, Theresa

  3. Hi Theresa,
    Like you, I also chose to apply for this masters program because it’s business oriented and yet does not require a business administration bachelor. But having a bachelor degree in Translation and Interpreting of English and Portuguese I wasn’t sure I should go for it. However, reading not just yours, but the other bloggers’ bios as well, I gotta say I’m very confident and reassured about my choice.
    I’ll be applying for it as soon as the the app period starts, in the mean time I’ll keep my eyes on this blog. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and congratulations to you all for the great job your doing with this blog.
    I look forward to meeting you guys soon. Until then take care.
    😉 Carlos

  4. Hej Carlos, Thank you for your feedback! It’s been a lot of fun to write the blog but of course it feels even better when you see that it is appreciated 🙂 In my class there are two students with language background, too, so that shouldn’t be any problem. Good luck with your application!

  5. So long waiting a new post from you here. keep it up.

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