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Accommodation in Stockholm?!

Hello everyone!
(especially those who are still reading this blog although it’s a middle of a summer)

It’s been a month since my last post. Apologies for that.

During that month I have had a unique opportunity to spend three days at a Google office in Wroclaw (Poland). But more about it some other time.

It is less than a month until the semester officially starts, so I want to devote my future posts to students starting their first semester at SBS – no matter if you are an exchange student, here for an entire programme or simply call yourself a student, I hope it will somehow will prove useful to you.

How to find accommodation.

Where to look? What areas? How much is too expensive? I am sure that you have received some general information from your international coordinators or the university itself on how to find a room or an apartment in Stockholm. Let’s make it clear: it is HARD. It is very hard to find a place but it’s not impossible.

My best and only tip today is to join groups on Facebook because a lot of students leave for an exchange semester/year and it is highly likely you will find a room/apartment in one of the student buildings in the city. So, go ahead and become member of the following groups:

I was feeling very ambitious when writing this post and pinned the buildings on the map, so you get a rough idea on where they are situated. I only chose to include the ones in the city or very close to it, but there are a lot of lovely areas outside of Stockholm.

Find the map here -> the map.

Hope you will find a place soon and if you already have – congrats!

Until next time,


Moving Places

I’ve had quite the life adventure these past couple of weeks, hence a pause in my postings to you all! What’s been news is a move of accommodation for me over the weekend just gone. For those who don’t know, Sweden is different (to the UK) in that you have to wait in a queueing system to be able to get a room in student halls, as opposed to automatically having a spot for first year. I’d been sharing a lovely apartment in the south of the city until now (see pic below for a glimpse), so not only does this mean that I can wake up just 10 minutes before a lecture and still make it on time, but I feel the authentic university experience has come.

Ah, I will miss pondering life’s questions at night from this desk

Of course, I totally underestimated how big a move is. I had two medium sized suitcases in the store cupboard I thought would be more than enough to fit everything I had and transport easily, in one go, over to my new place. It, however, never occurred to me just how much stuff one person can actually accumulate. Half full bags of food to box up, a shelf load of folders and stationary… packing to move certainly is a whole different game to packing for a week’s holiday. I would say going in with the expectation of an easy task actually made the process quite traumatic in the end. Though, once I finally got all my blue IKEA bags and suitcases full of stuff over to my new halls of residence, it was all worth the pain. I swore to myself however never to move again, or if I did I was only allowed enough to fit my two suitcases.

That sigh

Having come from a knowledge of how English uni accommodation is like, where you typically stay in halls for the first year before renting a house for the remainder years with other students, it’s been interesting living it out in reverse – I guess that sense of complete freedom has only just now come. As all keen students with that feeling do first upon their arrival into their student room:

a cheese and pesto picnic break!

Whilst it’s common for those studying at Stockholm university to have to find a place by themselves, with hope and determination you truly have a formula for success in room-hunting. There was definitely controlled panic when I first arrived, no place yet sorted to live, but it worked out in the end with persistence and was very much part of the adventure. Truly now, being in student halls is more exciting after such a long road. There are some great posts already written by previous bloggers under the ‘Accommodation’ category for finding a place so I won’t repeat any advice already given except to trust in patience!


The next project will of course be transforming a very beige corridor room into a magical cushion cave! (So anyone with any cool carpets…)


Accommodation for International Students.

Finding a place to live in Stockholm is hard. Finding and securing a place to live when you’re not from Sweden and aren’t accommodated with how things work here is even harder. Hence this post to give you an extra boost of information for this complex and extremely frustrating process.

Knowing where to look first off is probably a good place to start the process – where, you might ask:

And as a golden rule: never pay a ‘deposit’ without first seeing the apartment for yourself and signing a agreement/contract. Be careful, be persistent, and don’t lose hope – this process is hard, but definitely not impossible! Otherwise, all us international students would be living on the streets and we surely aren’t in that predicament.

Your truly,


Buying & Recycling Household Items

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the weather this weekend… especially today!

In November, my boyfriend and I purchased an apartment, and while one would think we would be 100% moved in, that is not the case! Between my classes, part-time job and extra curricular activities, the last thing I want to do on the weekends is paint and unpack! I know my boyfriend feels the same way after a long work week.

Now that the weather is nicer, we have been spending more time finding things for our place. One site we like to check out is Blocket. For North Americans, Blocket is basically the equivalent of Craigslist or Kijiji. It is a common forum where private citizens and companies can post ads. This site is mostly dedicated to used items like Bikes, Sofas, Beds and so on, but you can also get some great smaller things like dinnerware and cookware.

One great feature about Blocket, is that it really lets you search close to your current municipality, so it can be really convenient.

Today, we met with a young woman who lived a few apartment buildings down from us and arranged to pick up a coffee table she was selling. We went with the intention of inspecting the table and deciding whether we would buy it. The table was in good condition and was a good deal, so we ended up deciding to take it on the spot! She helped us carry the pieces down and continued packing for her move.

We have also recently listed a few items for sale, so we hope someone will be interested 🙂 It does cost some money to post an ad. It is about 40 SEK if you want to include one picture, then there is an additional charge for more pictures.

With Ikea being so far from the city (especially when you need to buy large items) it is great when you can find used goods in good condition close to your own home.

This site is especially beneficial for students, especially exchange students who may want to buy or sell some dishes, or cooking utensils – other smaller things at the beginning/end of their stay!

Have a great week!

Housing in Stockholm

Hey everyone,

This week I will be writing around the concept of finding housing. Housing in Stockholm… It’s a real joke, because apparently it does not exist. In one month I have sent tons of emails but a reply was already too much to ask for.

If I’m informed well, a private market for housing does not exist at all. There are relatively cheap rental solutions available in this city, but to make use of that I should have been registered already when I was 18 due to the waiting queues they use. The other apartments that are available in Stockholm are those for sale, which would also not be an option for me. The other housing opportunities in Stockholm are those rooms that people (families or people living alone) rent out, because they do not need the space in their own house or apartment.

These offers can be found on different websites, but one should keep in mind that these landlords get at least 50 called after publishing the ad within the hour! Hence, it is understandable that these landlords not always reply to emails… So going to a broker and asking to find a room or student house as soon as possible is not really possible, unfortunately.

So how did I find housing in Stockholm? Honestly, I did not. Let me go back to the start when I just arrived in Stockholm and looked on websites, such as already for 2 months. After living in a hotel for more than two weeks I decided to broaden my view and I received housing at the student campus in Norrtälje, where the bus brings you in one hour to Stockholm. It is very hard to find housing at first sight so here is some advice I have:

  • Be patient
  • Be realistic in your budget (don’t expect a room for 4000 SEK in the city center)
  • When you know that you got in SBS, sign up at SSSB (the student housing agency that uses this queuing system) but maximum 2,5 months before school starts (as you need to prove that you’re a registered student and this may take a while)
  • Make an ad on, because landlords would like to choose themselves, so most of the housing advertisements are not published as the landlords go through the different profiles
  • is a very valuable website with good housing offers so I would suggest to use this website too, as I did it too. The only thing is that access to the personal details of the landlords costs 695 SEK for 45 days.

Probably you will not find housing before coming to Sweden as the landlords want to meet you in person to make sure that they can trust you. Also if you do not mind travelling one hour to campus then I would suggest in Norrtälje, where I have been living.

I knew that I did not want to live in Norrtälje during my whole stay in Sweden as I did not come to Stockholm to live in one of the suburbs more than 60 kms away from the city center, even though the city is beautiful and I live in the forest almost. So also I was patient and started actively searching in the middle of October again and after one and a half months I got lucky and now I am the proud owner of a room in Östermalm 🙂

You can look at this website from Stockholm Business School that provides you with more valuable websites of housing agencies and how to search.

Have a nice Sunday!

New accomodations + Ranking

Good news about accommodations. SSCO started to build a new student house campus near our School – Albano, which will look like this – you can see our campus there on the right.

I hope this well help many students in the upcoming years to find a place to stay. However I don’t know when will this be ready. More info (in Swedish).


Ranking after Ranking we can see the School improving their places. It is definitely a goal from the board to meet the fierce competition around Europe. Rankings are not everything, but help when choosing a place and when one studies here. Second Best Business School in Sweden and Best Marketing program in the country (26th in Europe) are good indicators of the work that is being done so far. I hope the School continues to improve their standards and have an increasingly outstanding institution in Europe.