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What it’s like to study at SBS

Hey everyone!

Last Friday I took my flight home to Dallas, Texas as I am doing an internship here with Ericsson this summer. You can check out Stockholm University’s instagram page (@stockholmuniversity) to see my posts as the student guest editor this week where I will be sharing what is going on in my life starting a new job!


Today though I still want to reflect on Stockholm and share some photos that I took before leaving. For those of you who are interested in possibly studying at Stockholm Business School or even just Stockholm University in general will get a chance to see what our main campus looks like!


A shortcut to the library under the trees.

Choosing to do my studies at SBS was the best decision I ever made and I am very proud to show off my school to other people! Living in a big city like Stockholm is great because it isn’t overwhelmingly big. There is endless possibilities of things to do and places to eat, so you will never get bored.

The student life may not be like in a college town, but don’t be fooled that it doesn’t exist! At the beginning of the year I shared with all of you information about the welcoming programs at SBS — this is the beginning of student life with Föreningen Ekonomerna if you are a business student. In addition to this, you also have multiple associations you can join on Frescati campus such as the humanities, science, or social studies associations. These three associations have houses right on campus and they hold events or parties almost every week during the school year. If you are coming as an exchange student, you are bound to hear about Café Bojan located right outside the metro exit. Every Thursday night during the year you will find a party here which provides the perfect opportunity to meet new people and have some fun with friends! Things are pretty calm there until around 8:30 when the tables are moved to become a dance floor and the crowds start arriving. Getting there at 10pm is always busy, so if you don’t want to wait in line I would recommend going before 9:30. For those of you who want something more laid back, I would recommend the Green Villa and Yellow Villa. They are great for being able to sit with your friends and have a conversation while still being in a fun environment.


A view of one of the science buildings and the fields where many students like to relax on.


As for studying in general, be prepared to spend most of your time in the library instead of class! You will most likely only have class 2-4 times a week and most of your work will involve you being responsible and scheduling your time wisely as it is mostly self-study. Estimate about 20-30 hours a week in reading and assignments. I happen to love this system because it gives me the opportunity to be flexible if I need to be and to create my own hours. Taking one class at a time and having an exam every month is also something I particularly like. It allows you to really focus and dig deep into the class you currently study if you want to, and if you happen to not enjoy the class then you will be happy that it is just a month long instead of a semester long!


The walk up to Södra Huset and the library. 

Group work is very popular here at SBS/SU and Sweden in general. It helps you to learn to work with other people, even when you may not get along with them. It is great preparation for the work place after studies and provides experience. Most of the time you can choose your own partners to work with, but be prepared that sometimes it will be assigned. Not having a lot of class time is supplemented by group meetings along with your self-study. The amount of time you spend in meetings will vary on the project and the group you work with, but it will usually be about 2-6 hours a week depending. Group work also allows you to build relationships with people in your classes and perhaps make some friendships!

Although brief, I hope this was helpful in giving you a little bit of insight into life at SBS… Feel free to ask any questions you may have about studying here and I would be more than happy to answer!

Until next time,



Food Markets in Stockholm

Hey everyone!

Today I want to talk about my favorite thing in the world: food. Summer is great in Stockholm because that means we get two food fairs at the beginning of the season!

This past weekend I went with some friends to go try some different things at the delicious food fair called Smaka på Stockholm. It was hosted in Kungsträdgården where we were surrounded by people buzzing around, food trucks lined up on the sides, and green trees. I was so delighted to see some of my favorite food trucks there, including The Good Gringo and Flippin’ Burgers. Unfortunately the event is over now, but the good news is that it is held every year!! So stay tuned next year and make sure to pass by, maybe even a few times… Yes, it is that good.

To check out the event and food trucks you can find more information here:


Food trucks.


Alex, Jasper, and Nadine sharing a burger from Gnarly Burger. They rated it a 7/10.


Seating in the middle of Kungsträdgården. It was packed!!


A chocolate coated rice brick I got for dessert!

Over in Sergels Torg, there is an International Street Market that will be around until June 18th. I ate some delicious food here last year, so I was really excited to see this again! They have foods from all over the world and it is so hard to choose! For the risk takers, check out the Australian stand where they are serving up zebra, wild boar, crocodile, kangaroo, and camel! My favorite? It would have to be the polish stand where they serve pierogi, which are like potato and cheese dumplings that are fried. Definitely worth breaking your healthy diet for! Seating is limited here, but you could always take it over to Kungsträdgården or just take a walk around the city while eating.


All of the stands in the middle of Sergels Torg.


The Australian stand – not for timid eaters!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and give the markets a try! I promise you will not be let down, however you will struggle in deciding what to pick to eat!

Until next time,



Enjoying the sun in Stockholm!

Hello everyone,

With the wonderful weather outside today I had the opportunity to enjoy the sun and start to work on my tan while studying. It seems that all the Swedes start to come out of hibernation as soon as it hits twenty degrees and the sun comes out!


On the walk towards the beach.

Today I visited some friends who were hanging out at Brunnsvikens strandbad (or beach), which is located as a five minute walk away from both the main Stockholm University campus and the business school campus. It is right down the path of the Brunnsvikens kanotklubb (canoe club), which is right across the water from the business campus. To get here you can take Bus 50 from Universitet towards Hornsberg and get off Universitet Södra, the stop right before Albano (which is the business campus). From the bus stop you will see a road down to the water and the canoe club where you can follow the path down to the beach. Or you can even hang out by the water on the business campus side, where a lot of students go in between classes to hang out.


Overlooking the water where you can kayak.

It was absolutely stunning outside today and if the weather prevails this week I urge you guys to go outside and take advantage of it! If you are studying for exams, why not just bring your material with you and combine studying and enjoying the beach? Vitamin D is good for you and necessary after enduring the long Swedish winter, so I think going to the beach should be a mandatory assignment!


Viewing the business campus (SBS) from the canoe club across the water.

If you are already done with exams or are looking for something extra fun to do this weekend, why not go to the canoe club and go kayaking with some friends? It is a super cheap activity to do for either two hours or the whole day! The best part is that you even get a student discount!

Check out:


Me kayaking last summer at Brunnsviken.

Well I hope you all have a great rest of the week and good luck on your final exams for this year! Don’t forget to take a break and enjoy yourself every now and then! 🙂



Hejdå VT16.

It’s no news that Spring semester 2016 is coming to an end, but for some reason it’s way too easy to find a window spot in the university library. Where are you, people???

As much as I have been enjoying these past months (have you noticed correlation between temperature and amount of people in the city on weekday nights?), I can’t wait to Autumn as I’ll be moving to Paris, my most favourite city in the world, to do an exchange at SKEMA. For some reason, every time I mention studying in Paris to someone, I hear “Oh, are you going to Sorbonne?”… Has it happened to anyone else?

Anyway, back to my point. You know how you are in a new city and have a long list of places to visit, things to try etc, but somehow end up postponing it till the very end?
I took the liberty and composed a, surprise-surprise, list of things you MUST do before leaving Stockholm. That is, of course, if you have been here on exchange and are going home soon. Otherwise, hope this list inspires you to go and explore the city!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Ivar Los park @ Södermalm

Here we go (in no particular order):

  1. Queue for an hour for a table at Flippin Burger.
  2. Complain about Systembolaget’s opening hours (every week, preferably).
  3. Eat focaccia at Prego in Kräftriket for lunch >3 days a week.
  4. Make as little eye contact on the bus/train as possible.
  5. Freak out when someone on the bus/train starts speaking to you.
  6. Get used to paying 60-70 kr for a beer (who am I kidding, we’ll never get used to it!).
  7. Realize that McDonalds has an app with cheeky discounts. (no shame)
  8. Have meatballs at Meatballs for the people in Södermalm.
  9. Visit Gröna Lund (Johnny Depp will be there next week!!!!!!!)
  10. Miss last train on a weekday and wait for that night bus (RIP Uberpop). 
  11. Learn the true meaning of “Jaha!” and “Jasså!”and start using it.
  12. Have a picnic on the top of Skinnarviksberget.
  13. Take advantage of “kaffe+bulle” for 15 kr at 7Eleven in Frescati.
  14. Become a master of finding events with free drinks/free food on FB.
  15. Or become friends with that person.
  16. Visit an office of a cool tech company (e.g. Spotify, King, Dice)
  17. Hear “Can I see your leg” for the first time and be totally confused (note: legitimation in Swedish = ID card).
  18. Post a photo of the “Slutstation” sign on FB. Don’t deny you’ve done it. 
  19. Be amazed with the insane 3G connection we have in the city.
  20. Never get a haircut because…expensive.
  21. Have the biggest kanelbulle of your life at Café Saturnus in Östermalm.
  22. Become addicted to Snapchat. Swedes love Snapchat (Source: me, 2016). 
  23. Follow me on Instagram -> @stockholm (#SelflessPromotion).

Jokes aside, I hope you have had the time of your life here in Stockholm and Stockholm Business School. Make sure you stay in touch with your friends because then you can travel the world to visit them and stay for free!




Undergraduate Programs at SBS in English

Hey everyone,

With the end of my first official year of university coming to a close, I wanted to discuss more in detail the current program I study: Business Administration and Political Science (BAPS).

I am sure that some of you have heard of this program, especially if you have looked into programs at SBS or have even applied (I hope to see you here next year!). My program is a dual-degree program where we spend three semesters studying business and 2-3 semesters studying political science or possibly an elective course. The Global Management (GM) program is another english-taught undergraduate program where you study business administration for two years along with a specific language of your choice for one year.


Emma and Agnes, two of my BAPS best friends! From our first finsittning last Autumn. 

In BAPS, there was also a compulsory study abroad period during the second year… However this has been changed to the third year to be at the same time as when Global Management students study abroad and it is no longer compulsory. I will be having my exchange semester this autumn and I am so excited to be attending the University of Manchester for a semester! I cannot wait for the experience of studying in a new place (again, haha) and I can not wait to hear the stories from all of my friends when we get back from studying all over the world. Some of my friends are going to the United States, some Australia, some Singapore, some France, and the list goes on! You have so many options for study abroad through SBS’s partner institutions, which you can check out here:


My fellow buddies from the buddy program earlier this Spring at another finsittning!

One of the things that I love about my program is that BAPS students and GM students shared all of the first semester classes together, and as of next year the students will share a whole year of classes together with the change of the program outlines! This allowed me to meet so many more english speaking students and make friends who were not studying my exact same program. Another cool thing about the Global Management program is that all of the students will go on to study different languages during the second year. Similarly, BAPS students go on to study a year of political science. This gives you even more opportunities to meet more english speaking students and lots of exchange students as many will be in your courses. It has been great to meet new people every semester while still maintaining your friendships with friends from past courses – it really gives you a big circle and provides you with a large amount of networking connections for when after you graduate!


Me with Maja in Södermalm, one of my best friends from Global Management!

Something I want to touch on that doesn’t just relate to undergraduate programs here is the huge variety of international backgrounds of the students studying at SBS, excluding exchange students. Studying here has allowed me to meet so many amazing people from all over the world and it is so cool that we all ended up in these programs together with the same idea. But don’t worry, I have plenty of Swedish friends as well as this is a Swedish school after all! If you think you have an interest in studying one of these programs or coming for exchange or even for your Master’s, I STRONGLY urge you to apply and take the leap! You will not regret it!

If you would like to read more about these two programs, you can do that here:

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Until next time,


It’s a wrap! (IBS Week 2016)

Hello everyone,

These past fews weeks I have been a very busy woman due to the final preparations and hosting of International Business Student Week 2016!!!

I know I have written a post on the application process before, but I wanted to share all of the details about this week with all of you and strongly encourage you to apply next year and take part in this amazing week filled with both business and fun!


Group photo in Gamla Stan during the city tour

This year we had 18 international students come to stay with us from mostly Croatia (Zagreb) and Russia (Moscow). We decided to host the international students in our apartments this year instead of putting them in a hostel. We were a little worried about finding people who could accommodate, but it worked out really well and all of the students enjoyed it because it allowed us all to really build a connection and show them Sweden a little bit better.

It was perfect timing this week since Stockholm Business School was also hosting international professors from our partner universities this week who held lectures and workshops all week on a variety of interesting topics. We had the opportunity to attend quite a few of these lectures and it was great to learn about Managerial Challenges of the 21st Century, Modern Marketing, Consumer Behavior, The Role of Culture in the Business Environment, and much more!


Company visit to Arla

We visited three companies as well and had the privilege of exploring and getting to know Arla, Nordea, and Universum Global. These were really great companies to work with and it was great for everyone to see companies working with different things so they could get a feel of what kind of company and they would like to work with and within what field.


Welcoming BBQ by the business campus

Now we did not just have all business this week, we also had a bunch of fun activities! On the first day we had a welcoming BBQ which we could not have had better weather for. It was amazing to chill by the water right by the business campus and enjoy ourselves with some good food and icebreaker activities. The second day we took an evening city tour of Stockholm and everyone got to know Stockholm on a better level. For Wednesday we got to explore in our free time and then attended music industry lectures hosted by another project in the International Committee (join and become a part of a super fun committee!). It was very interesting to get some insight into the business side of music. The formal dinner/sittning was held on Wednesday night as well, which I had planned. I found it so rewarding to see it turn out so well and everyone really enjoyed themselves and got to eat some delicious food. On Thursday we went to Skansen and got to see some Scandinavian animals and enjoy the sun a little more, before heading out that evening to Stureplan to do some clubbing! Finally, on Friday we took a boat trip out to Vaxholm in the archipelago and continued to enjoy the sun and had a nice dinner with each other.


Skansen fun with Nathan and Stephan (crazy Dutch guys)

It was been a very successful week and I am so sad to see that it is over. I have made some amazing friends this week and I can not wait to come visit Croatia and Russia! I strongly encourage you to take a part in the event next year! Whether it is planning, being a buddy, or coming as an international student you are sure to have a great time!

If you have any question do not hesitate to ask and I hope to see you participating next year!



I have a confession.

It is that time of the year again.
Eurovision is back!

It unlikely that you have missed how the city has transformed to welcome the most hardcore fans that travelled across Europe to support their countries. Oh, excuse me, I forgot that Australia is also also participating in Eurovision this year.

I can’t say that I am particularly interested in the competition, but something has come across me.. I don’t know if it is my Swedishness that is overpowering my otherwise neutral attute toward Eurovision, or the fact that the entire city is finally alive and events take place every single day. I cannot even deny the fact that I am feeling particularly patriotic and get extremely excited whenever I see a Russian flag or Russian tourists in the city (And I normally dispise those. Not the flag, the tourists). And yes, I voted for Russia during the semi-finals yesterday.

Having said that, here comes my confession.

I am looking forward to watching the Eurovision Finals this Saturday. There, I said it.

You may love it or you may hate it, but you absolutely cannot hate the Stockholm vibe these days. It is alive, it is breathing and it is looking fabulous!

To honour my tradition of writing lists, here is a list of three Eurovision-related things you should not miss in the city!

  1. City Skyliner

photo source:

One of the best views of central Stockholm is yours for 100 kr. Go to Kungsträdgården, queue a little bit and prepare to be amazed. My plan is to wait until Eurovision is over and most of the tourists have left the city to enjoy a queue-free experience.

2. Brunkebergstunneln

The tunnel between Östermalm and Hötorget has become a singing tunnel! That’s how it is explained in the official press release:

The Singing tunnel recognizes the tone you sing and then returns the sound with a similar voice. When you sing a few notes, an additional voice enters, singing back notes that have been sung before. The visitor and the tunnel sing in two voices.

It’s really hard to explain the experience with words, so go check it out! I was honestly standing there for 10 minutes completely mesmerized.

3. Musical crosswalks

This has got to be my favourite thing of all. When the traffic light is red, it plays Loreen’s song “Euphoria”. When the light is green, you hear “Heroes” by last year’s winner Måns Zelmerlöw. Isn’t it genious????

Hope you are enjoying May and don’t forget to allow yourself take short breaks between those assignments!