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Hey everyone!

Last Friday I took my flight home to Dallas, Texas as I am doing an internship here with Ericsson this summer. You can check out Stockholm University’s instagram page (@stockholmuniversity) to see my posts as the student guest editor this week where I will be sharing what is going on in my life starting a new job!


Today though I still want to reflect on Stockholm and share some photos that I took before leaving. For those of you who are interested in possibly studying at Stockholm Business School or even just Stockholm University in general will get a chance to see what our main campus looks like!


A shortcut to the library under the trees.

Choosing to do my studies at SBS was the best decision I ever made and I am very proud to show off my school to other people! Living in a big city like Stockholm is great because it isn’t overwhelmingly big. There is endless possibilities of things to do and places to eat, so you will never get bored.

The student life may not be like in a college town, but don’t be fooled that it doesn’t exist! At the beginning of the year I shared with all of you information about the welcoming programs at SBS — this is the beginning of student life with Föreningen Ekonomerna if you are a business student. In addition to this, you also have multiple associations you can join on Frescati campus such as the humanities, science, or social studies associations. These three associations have houses right on campus and they hold events or parties almost every week during the school year. If you are coming as an exchange student, you are bound to hear about Café Bojan located right outside the metro exit. Every Thursday night during the year you will find a party here which provides the perfect opportunity to meet new people and have some fun with friends! Things are pretty calm there until around 8:30 when the tables are moved to become a dance floor and the crowds start arriving. Getting there at 10pm is always busy, so if you don’t want to wait in line I would recommend going before 9:30. For those of you who want something more laid back, I would recommend the Green Villa and Yellow Villa. They are great for being able to sit with your friends and have a conversation while still being in a fun environment.


A view of one of the science buildings and the fields where many students like to relax on.


As for studying in general, be prepared to spend most of your time in the library instead of class! You will most likely only have class 2-4 times a week and most of your work will involve you being responsible and scheduling your time wisely as it is mostly self-study. Estimate about 20-30 hours a week in reading and assignments. I happen to love this system because it gives me the opportunity to be flexible if I need to be and to create my own hours. Taking one class at a time and having an exam every month is also something I particularly like. It allows you to really focus and dig deep into the class you currently study if you want to, and if you happen to not enjoy the class then you will be happy that it is just a month long instead of a semester long!


The walk up to Södra Huset and the library. 

Group work is very popular here at SBS/SU and Sweden in general. It helps you to learn to work with other people, even when you may not get along with them. It is great preparation for the work place after studies and provides experience. Most of the time you can choose your own partners to work with, but be prepared that sometimes it will be assigned. Not having a lot of class time is supplemented by group meetings along with your self-study. The amount of time you spend in meetings will vary on the project and the group you work with, but it will usually be about 2-6 hours a week depending. Group work also allows you to build relationships with people in your classes and perhaps make some friendships!

Although brief, I hope this was helpful in giving you a little bit of insight into life at SBS… Feel free to ask any questions you may have about studying here and I would be more than happy to answer!

Until next time,




Undergraduate Programs at SBS in English

Hey everyone,

With the end of my first official year of university coming to a close, I wanted to discuss more in detail the current program I study: Business Administration and Political Science (BAPS).

I am sure that some of you have heard of this program, especially if you have looked into programs at SBS or have even applied (I hope to see you here next year!). My program is a dual-degree program where we spend three semesters studying business and 2-3 semesters studying political science or possibly an elective course. The Global Management (GM) program is another english-taught undergraduate program where you study business administration for two years along with a specific language of your choice for one year.


Emma and Agnes, two of my BAPS best friends! From our first finsittning last Autumn. 

In BAPS, there was also a compulsory study abroad period during the second year… However this has been changed to the third year to be at the same time as when Global Management students study abroad and it is no longer compulsory. I will be having my exchange semester this autumn and I am so excited to be attending the University of Manchester for a semester! I cannot wait for the experience of studying in a new place (again, haha) and I can not wait to hear the stories from all of my friends when we get back from studying all over the world. Some of my friends are going to the United States, some Australia, some Singapore, some France, and the list goes on! You have so many options for study abroad through SBS’s partner institutions, which you can check out here:


My fellow buddies from the buddy program earlier this Spring at another finsittning!

One of the things that I love about my program is that BAPS students and GM students shared all of the first semester classes together, and as of next year the students will share a whole year of classes together with the change of the program outlines! This allowed me to meet so many more english speaking students and make friends who were not studying my exact same program. Another cool thing about the Global Management program is that all of the students will go on to study different languages during the second year. Similarly, BAPS students go on to study a year of political science. This gives you even more opportunities to meet more english speaking students and lots of exchange students as many will be in your courses. It has been great to meet new people every semester while still maintaining your friendships with friends from past courses – it really gives you a big circle and provides you with a large amount of networking connections for when after you graduate!


Me with Maja in Södermalm, one of my best friends from Global Management!

Something I want to touch on that doesn’t just relate to undergraduate programs here is the huge variety of international backgrounds of the students studying at SBS, excluding exchange students. Studying here has allowed me to meet so many amazing people from all over the world and it is so cool that we all ended up in these programs together with the same idea. But don’t worry, I have plenty of Swedish friends as well as this is a Swedish school after all! If you think you have an interest in studying one of these programs or coming for exchange or even for your Master’s, I STRONGLY urge you to apply and take the leap! You will not regret it!

If you would like to read more about these two programs, you can do that here:

As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Until next time,


Study Abroad with Stockholm Business School.

Hej everyone!

Today, I want to touch upon one of the reasons why Stockholm Business School stood out to me when I was deciding on which university to attend – and that’s the international focus they put on their programs, regardless of which major you ultimately decide on.

If you’re a student at Stockholm Business School, you’re most likely going to be presented with the opportunity to study abroad through the exchange agreements the school has with partner universities all around the world (of which there are around 100 partners in Europe, Asia, North and South America and Oceania).

Why is this important or interesting you ask? Well, think about it for a minute here. In the fast-paced economy and society thats going through rapid globalization today, it is critical that we as university graduates, provide an edge while competing with other potential candidates for work later on, and this edge comes in the form of cultural awareness and international experience abroad. Whether you’re interested in traveling to Asia, Peru, or perhaps even study abroad in London – you’ll have the chance to explore these options while studying with Stockholm Business School.

Besides, who doesn’t have a little wanderlust in them? Traveling the world? Yes, please.

For more information regarding exchange studies and semesters abroad, check out this link!



Academic Writing Service.

Hello everyone!

Let me let you in on a small secret: academic writing is hard. It’s difficult, it’s often confusing, and whatever it may be that you would like to call it, it’s darn frustrating at times (especially if you’ve never written academic texts to begin in the past).

Luckily for you, Stockholm University offers a service free of charge where you can get free tutoring support and help from those who know a thing or two about academic writing.

Whether you are just starting out planning a course report, an essay, a research paper, or perhaps even finishing up your thesis, help is available!

All you have to do is contact to make an appointment and you’ll be on your way to properly written academic texts from there! Don’t be shy, use this free service to your advantage and get the help you need!

Don’t forget to ask questions!

The visiting address is at Studenthuset, Universitetsvägen 2 B, next to Sudra huset. 




Office 365 for Students.

Hello everyone!

For those of you who aren’t already aware (or those of you who might’ve not paid much attention at any of the information sessions due to meeting all your new friends and classmates) this post will give you insight on how to activate and receive free access to Office 365.

Step 1: Be an enrolled student at Stockholm University. This one is important guys.

Step 2: Follow this link to get the process started and for more information on how this works and why you’re able to get it free of charge.

What you will receive access to after activation is the following: Office 365 which includes email via Outlook / Exchange, cloud based storage (OneDrive) and access to the entire MS Office suite.

Step 3Activate your account by entering your university account information (“Student ID” @

Step 4: Thank Olivia. Oh, you’re so very welcome.


Newbie 101: Personnummers

Hej allihopa!As I’m sure many of you are wondering as I did when I first arrived to Stockholm University – what on earth is all this personnummer/personal identity number business?

Well, here’s a post dedicated to clearing this part of your ‘administrative’ newbie duties, a little at least (I hope):

•Right now, you will most likely not have a permanent personnummer, instead you were assigned a temporary one called a T-number (ending in four fictive numbers/letters).

•If you’re an international student who will be studying here in Sweden for 12 months or longer, you can apply for a ‘real’ permanent personnummer through the tax agency, Skatteverket. 

◦For this you will need: 

1A valid passport

2A letter of acceptance/Notification of Selection Results from your university application as proof of your admission to a Swedish university

3A registration certificate

4A temporary address (or permanent if you have one)

5Information regarding if and which residence permit you hold

All of this fuss is done through Skatteverket and if there are changes to any of the information provided to them, you must change and inform them immediately! Hopefully this cleared it up for you all a bit. 

Comment below with further questions should they arise! 



New semester, new beginnings.

Hej allihopa!

Here we are in a new year, a new spring semester and as many would like to call it, a new beginning. Many of you have been dedicated students and readers of the blog now, but I know there are quite a few of you who are ‘fresh off the boat’ here in Stockholm, Sweden. Might I just say, Welcome!

Välkommen till Stockholm Business School! 

First things first, have all of you gotten settled in yet?

  • Are your courses registered? Do you know their schedules?
  • Have you received your temporary or permanent personnummer yet from the university?
  • Need to make a trip out to IKEA for some bedding, et cetera?
  • Know where to buy cheap groceries? School supplies?

If not, get ready for a SBS Newbie 101 post coming your way soon!

On a side note: Don’t be put off by the lack of sunlight and soak in whatever ‘light’ that comes our way ever so rarely.

Yours kindly,