The SBS Student Blog

Life as a student at Stockholm Business School

About this blog

The Stockholm Business School student blog has been created to provide prospective students with a more personal perspective on studies at the School and life in Stockholm. The views and comments expressed in the blog are the students’ own opinions and reflections and cannot be attributed to Stockholm University.

The following comments/entries will be removed from the blog:
• Comments which in some way contravene Swedish law and statutes
• Comments where someone’s name is misused
• Comments which contain advertisements
• Comments which identify other persons in defamatory manner.
• Comments which involve agitation towards a specific racial / ethnic group or  other comments which are derogatory to groups of people.
• Comments which involve insults or threats directed towards people or groups of people, obscenities or other abusive material which are not in accordance with the principles of good netiquette.
• Comments which can be seen as infringement of another person’s private life or addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
• Comments with queries relating to pirate copies and / or sales / purchases of stolen goods as well as tips relating to cheating and other dishonest forms of behaviour.
• Comments involving the spread of computer viruses or spam.
• Comments involving copyright-protected material which you have not created yourself or which you do not have the originator’s permission to publish.
• Comments with a pornographic, racist or otherwise offensive content.
• Comments which in any other way may be regarded as being unsuitable.


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