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Stockholm Business School

Reach your full potential with Stockholm Business School

We want to see you succeed and have developed our programmes with this purpose in mind. With a degree from the Stockholm Business School (SBS) your career choices are extensive and allow for flexibility in terms of location and industry. Our courses are taught in an open and informal environment where independent thinking and innovation is nurtured. We integrate research and education in order to create modern courses up-to-date with current issues in society and on international markets.

International degrees
Our degree programmes are structured according to the Bologna process for international compatibility and comparability. With a degree from SBS you can go beyond borders.

Be prepared for a long career
At Stockholm Business School  you will gain substantial theoretical knowledge of your subject area, but you will also develop many of the practical skills you need to succeed in your career. Employers today are looking for team players with the ability to lead – here you will be trained to do both.

Stockholm University
Stockholm University has over 50,000 students and you can choose from a wide range of elective modules at other academic departments if you wish to widen your perspectives further. Stockholm University is one of the top 100 universities in the world, according to the Shanghai Ranking 2013.

Enjoy your studies
If you join the student union or one of the associations represented at campus you can participate in the many activities organised for students and enrich your time at the University.

Independence and innovation
In Sweden the study climate encourages you to think independently, ask the tough questions and look for new perspectives. Here you can study in an open environment where creativity is valued.

Live in the “Capital of Scandinavia”
Experience a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere in a city buzzing with innovation and style. There is always something goin on in the regional centre for business and culture.

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