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#tb Midsommar 2016 in Vaxholm

Hej everyone!

Walt wrote about the Midsummer traditions last week, I thought I would show you how I spent my Midsummer this year.

Unforunately, we don’t have any family traditions to celebrate this day at a summer house (which we, by the way, don’t have), so I have to improvise every single time. This year, a bunch of my classmates from the master programme are spending the summer in the city, so we decided to make this day somewhat special and do something fun together.

First on the agenda – a 40 minutes bus ride from Tekniska Högskolan to Vaxholm. Surely, you can also go there by boat, but why spend extra money on tickets if you have a perfectly functioning SL card).


Boat to Vaxholm

Don’t be like us, come prepared! Bring some picnick-friendly food, blankets to sit on and an umbrella, because you never know when it may start raining. It is midsummer, after all.

Then we were patiently observing this for about 30-40 minutes:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

a bit to the right…

And then the madness started.


traditional Midsummer dances

Ok, it was actually pretty adorable.


When we had enough of freezing in the grass and watching people eat, as that’s what you do after the traditional festivities, we made our way to the best place I know in Vaxholm – Hembygdsgårdens cafe  for a Midsummer fika. A side note: the only thing you need to be consuming in Sweden during Summer are strawberries and whipped cream. Sometimes strawberries and milk, but never forget the strawberries.


The rest of the day was spent exploring Vaxholm while waiting for the bus back to Stockholm and a bbq at a friend’s place. Pretty good Midsummer if you ask me!


Swedish summer at its best