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yanjaaOrigin: Ulaan Bator, Mongolia / Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 19
Studies: Bachelor’s programme in Business Economics
Best thing about my studies: The best thing about my studies so far is the students! Everyone seems to be genuinely interested in our field of study and maintaining an awesome group spirit.
Advice to students considering SBS: Work hard, play hard. Seriously though, it is equally important to socialize as it is to study well. Study in time and you should be fine. When push comes to shove and you’ve actually learned the material, you’ll do good.
About me: I lived in Mongolia until I was five. Depending on which side of the family I stayed with I was either surrounded by wild horses in Siberia, eagles chasing wolves in the west or smelly camels in Inner Mongolia. I moved to Stockholm where I’ve lived almost my whole life, except for my final year of high school where I studied at the Swedish School in Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve always loved the company of others and connecting with people. As a result of my outgoing persona I love learning new languages, photography and comedy. I think I ended up choosing Stockholm University over other schools because here they seemed to have the best platform for forming long-lasting friendships and business associates. Inspired by several social businesses on the rise in Bangladesh, Kenya and Mongolia – my goal is to be able to help build a more social aspect of corporations and businesses that both contribute to the success of the company as well as making the world a better place for all of us.


One thought on “Yanjaa

  1. Hey Yanjaa! I was just wondering do the bachelor students in business get to wear those special overalls?

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