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Hej hej! 🙂

“Time flies when you are having fun” is a statement that you consider actually only when it happens to you when you are at a point in time that something comes to an end. That happens when December started, Christmas is approaching and you are planning to celebrate this holiday. For me, I am going to go back to my home country the Netherlands in less than two weeks and I am really looking forward. One thing that came to my mind as well is that what if I went only on exchange to Stockholm Business School, then my journey was already to come to an end and I am NOT done at all with Stockholm and Sweden! Hence, it gives a wonderful feeling that you go back to your family for Christmas and New Year’s but also plan to return to this wonderful city in Sweden.

Besides caring about these issues, there are a lot of other things happening now as well. The SUMA program actually has a lot to do in the month of December: an exam, two quizzes, two papers to hand in and two presentations to give. December is a month that offers a lot: christmas and everything associated with that, but also the last deadlines for courses. Of course, we do not want to miss all the nice things that come along with the month of December, meaning that is important to start planning and stick your planning. Make to do lists, stick to your deadlines and later you can go out and enjoy the festivities.

Have fun during this wonderful month, but also good luck!




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